Enter The Zombie King

The movie “Enter The Zombie King”, based on the little i have watched, could probably be one of the most poorly made movies ever in the history of poorly made movies. a scene which took place within a few seconds following the opening of the movie, in which a man was seen running around frantically in a dark forest, accompanied by the sounds of zombies moaning in the background. Predictably, the man was eventually caught by a zombie and became the first victim of the zombies in the movie. Thus, begins the bloodthirsty and vicious massacres of the zombies.

Even though this movie is clearly set for the horror genre, in  my opinion, it would pass off more successful as a comedy, as most of the killing scenes are just so ludicrous, that the audience can’t help but laugh at them. The bodies of victims, when shown being torn apart by the ruthless zombies, are so obviously stage props covered with a layer of fake blood to disguise as torn limbs.

The only positive outcome i can think of from watching this movie is that young audiences might be scared into staying at home after dark , even though i seriously doubt that this movie has a high chance of leaving that kind of effect. However, having said that, i actually think that this movie has a slight potential of amusing its audience with its extreme absurdity. all in all, i would give the movie a rating of half out of the total 5.





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