Brick (Budgeting & Scheduling)

After watching both Brick and Enter the Zombie King, my observation is, both movies, in certain aspects, have some differences. Despite the fact that both movies are produced on low budgets, Brick covered all aspects of the movie down to the last intricate detail with such expertise and precision, which is what distinguish it as a brilliant movie compared to  Enter the Zombie King.

Let’s begin with the comparison of the script organisation of both  movies. In Brick, the opening scene shows the main character, Brendan, squatting down in front of Emily’s dead form. The director probably chose to start off the movie with this scene because he wants to impress the significance of this particular scene to the audience.

This scene is mainly the catalyst, the turning point of the story, which eventually led to other revelations, including Emily’s state of pregnancy when she was killed. This somehow makes the consequences of her murder seem even more severe. The entire storyline was well thought and planned out as it follows Brendan’s investigation, as he left no stone unturned in trying to find out the Emily’s killer based on the four letter lead she gave him before she died. In contrast, Enter the Zombie King as none of the precision and details as seen in Brick. My comment on Enter the Zombie King is, it is merely  a zombie slash wrestler movie with no developments on the part of the characters as well as the storyline. The only understanding i got from watching this movie is that it is about several professional wrestlers, including the main character, Ulysses, who somehow got linked with a bunch of zombies terrorrizing and slaughtering anyone who got in their way. Another thing which puts me off about this movie is the fact that the characters which play a big part in the movie are wearing masks that conceal all of half of their faces. This means that the audience are not able to watch the facial expressions of the characters throughout the entire movie. Due to this, Enter the Zombie King has lost an extremely important essence of being a good movie as facial expressions are often the most crucial way of conveying non-verbal messages to the audience, such as the characters’ internal feelings. To make matters worse, most of the conversations shared between the charaters in the movie sound over-rehearsed, with noticeable static pauses at the end of each line. Brick, on the other hand, displays truly professional acting skills as each charatcter deliver their line with precision and clarity, resulting in a sense of reality and involvement in the movie.

Next, in terms of the shooting techniques of the scenes, Brick is by far the better of the two. Often during a conversation in a movie, the expressions of the listeners are more important than the speaker’s as it shows the effect or impact of the words. Brick clearly understands this concept as the camera diverts from the speaker to the others in the background frequently to show their response. Enter the Zombie King does not show the same skill, probably due to the budget needed in editing the films, as it mainly focuses on the speaker until it is the next person’s turn to speak.

Lastly, let’s compare the audio effects in both movies and also the scores used for soundtracks. Brick demonstrates many good examples of creating audio effects for the scenes to make them more authentic. One of them is the scene in which Brendan is pursued by a guy who is armed with a knife within the school perimeters. There is a part where the camera zoomed in on the shoes of the pursuer, accompanied by the heavy sounds of his shoes clomping down the corridor. This audio effect is produced in the studios and added to the scene to emphasize on the aggressiveness of the pursuer in his attack. Also, the audio effect of a metallic banging sound is used to disguise as the guy’s head hitting against the pole when he is tripped by Brendan. These are only a few examples of the various sound effects found in Brick. In comparison, Enter the Zombie King has really minimal sound effects, almost to the point of none. The only ones that i can remember from the movie are the sounds of the car engine when Ulysses is driving. Moving on the soundtracks, the instrumental music used for Brick adds to the mystique and suspense of the movie, whereas the soundtracks in Enter the Zombie King are of a faster bear used in the wrestling scenes.

Overall, based on the elaborate comparison i provided, it is easy to see which of the two movies i favor. Brick has the kind of ability to keep the audience enthralled and wanting to know more, as bits and pieces are revealed to them as the movie slowly advances. This is something which Enter the Zombie King does not possess as the storyline is just so predictable and dull that the audience are most likely stifling yawns halfway through the movie. However, having said that, Enter the Zombie King will most perfectly suit those who want to relax and have an evening of mindless entertainment.



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