Westworld (Screenwriting)

If one takes into account the fact that Westworld was produced back in the year of 1973, one would actually come to appreciate the visionary ideas that the director applied in the movie. Concepts such as the computer generated images proves that Westworld is a movie which was way ahead of its time. This sort of makes up for a few noticeable flaws in the movie, including a scene when the robots were being analyzed, in which their eyes were blinking, when they were supposed to be static.

The plot of Westworld fits nicely into the three act structure of screenplay. Let me first analyze the first act, which is the setup. In the setup, the two main characters John Blane and Peter Martin were introduced to the audience when they meet each other on the plane. This scene basically covered everything there was to know about the main characters. We discovered their names, where they were headed to, which was the amusement park of Delos. It was also revealed to the audience that this was not John’s first trip to Westworld. From the orientation and also the brief descriptions John gave to Peter, the audience would start to understand more about the destination, and what was to be expected when the two guys arrived at the place. The end of Act 1 probably came when John and Peter arrived at their destination and were herded away together with a group of other guests, to Westworld, the zone of their choice.


Moving on to the second act, the confrontation, this structure probably began when the technicians in charge of running the resort realized that there is a malfunction in the robots. From that scene, the audience will start to have a premonition that some serious mishap is about to take place. True enough, a series of malfunctions followed after the first one. These various malfunctions, including Blane getting attacked by a rattlesnake robot, and another guest killed by a robot knight during a duel, were probably the pinches of the structure, the minor obstacles which slowly leads to the final ordeal that the main character has to overcome. The halfway point of the movie was probably when John and Peter were confronted yet again by the gunslinger, and John, not realizing the systemic failures of the robots, treated the confrontation as another entertainment and was shot as a result. Finally realizing that something has gone horribly wrong with the robots, Peter panicked and ran away from the scene, only to be pursued by the gunslinger.

Lastly, the third act, the resolution. This began when Peter, in his escape from the gunslinger, sought refuge in an underground tunnel, which turned out to be the control centre of the resort. When his diguise as a robot was discovered by the gunslinger, and he splashed a beaker of acid on the robot, it was clear that the robot’s system was weakend by the attack. Even though it managed to survive the attack, its sight was damaged, and the audience could already sense the story going downhill from there, moving towards the conclusion. Finally, the end came around when, after seemingly survived being torced by Peter, the gunslinger suprised him by appearing suddenly behind him, only to submit to its damaged system, and falling off the top of the stairs.









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