Experiences and Comments

Before I entered Griffith, I spent two years completing my diploma in Journalism. Truthfully, I never had any intentions of venturing into digital video, even though I have always had a passion for movie-watching. When I discovered that I had to pick two majors in order to complete my Bachelor of Communication, naturally, I chose digital video. Besides writing, I could not think of anything else I love doing more than watching movies. However, I was a little worried that I would encounter problems keeping up with the lessons as I had no previous studies and no knowledge whatsoever of digital video. As it turns out, Digital Video Foundation proved to be surprisingly fun and not as tough as I initially feared. Seriously, what other courses would allow students to watch movies, some awesome, some not so, every week during lecture.


Through this course, I have come to learn a great deal about the different elements found in movies. Before this, a good movie, to me, was just a good movie. As long as the movie was able to make me laugh or cry or stir up some kind of emotion within me, I would consider it a good one. But now that I have learnt more about this field, I realize that there are many other elements that help make the storyline good and believable. These are what distinguish a good movie from a bad one. I begin to notice the tiny intricate details carefully added into a scene to perfect it. Things that the audience will normally miss out on, but are vital to the scene anyway. Such as how a certain lighting are created to give a certain sense of feeling to the scene, or the way a location or a subject is shot may alter how the audience feel about it. I truly begin to appreciate a good movie for what it is worth, and take into consideration the amount of time and effort put into each scene. 


Overall, I would say that I am extremely satisfied with the way the classes have been conducted, and also all the knowledge that I have gained from this course. As an added bonus, we are not even required to give oral presentations. Honestly, students hate having to give presentations. We usually consider to be the worst kind of embarrassment that can be bestowed upon us. Besides the constant technical problems encountered practically every week, I can think of no complaints and I would not recommend the classes to be conducted in any other way. I am sure that the future students will enjoy it as much as I have.


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